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Care homes face some unique challenges when it comes to marketing and branding. Putting a loved one into a home can be tough, and those involved want to know that they are sending someone dear to them to the very best place available. Websites, logos and copy need to come across as authoritative, reassuring, and of course caring. All the while without seeming too worthy, insincere or saccharine. At Vivid we've worked extensively within this sector, and know how to overcome these challenges. Here's just some of the work we've done for previous clients: 

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Walden Care – The cedars & Holywell park

We carried out a complete rebrand and website build for Walden Care's two homes – The Cedars and Holywell Park.  Our full service marketing included new signage, logos and two bespoke websites built from the ground up, including original imagery and copywriting to illustrate the excellence of their homes and their commitment to care. 

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Maricare – Roman court, Beech Haven & Montrose

Maricare is a family run business, that operates high quality nursing homes across the South West, Midlands and the North. We designed and built Maricare a modern but simple site, that allows for seamless and rapid navigation, permitting users to find  the key information information they need, such as contact information and the USPs of Maricare, in an efficient and speedy manner. 

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Tuella – Brookdale house

Tuella create care homes for the elderly, with the ambition that each and everyone one of their residents truly feels at home. 

With this in mind, we created for them a series of websites for them and their homes with a simple, friendly and homelike atmosphere that coheres to their brand values. In addition to this we aided their brand development with some new logos and messaging to go with the sites.



Care Organisations


Newcross healthcare

Newcross now has a modern and streamlined website that is easy to navigate for all their users. The end result features a universal job search for healthcare professionals; a branch finder and knowledge base, for those looking for help and information about healthcare and a modern blog so the people at Newcross can keep everyone updated with what they've been up to. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the leadership team of Vivid in various capacities over the last ten years. Smart, imaginative, progressive andconsistently driven by an insatiable drive to be better and different; they offer the perfect mix of creative flair, technical knowledge and commercial nous. Always reliable and invariably over-delivering; Vivid are proven experts in using content to build brands.
— Matt Woods- Chief Marketing Officer
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