Yanny vs Laurel: the 5 LAMEST brand jokes

Yanny vs laurel is as you know (and won’t remember in a week's time), the Internet’s latest viral hot topic. An audial phenomena that has, as dozens of lazy journalists described it, “divided the Internet”. 

A slightly muffled recording of a voice that to some sounds like the word ‘laurel’ and to others sounds like the word ‘yanny’ — that bastion of everyday parlance. Social media managers love this stuff. A quip about the viral-topic shared across channels at the right time, and appropriately hash tagged can go viral and reward you with a tonne of new followers. 

However, sometimes in the rush to post something on the subject, they forget that their gag should actually be GOOD. All too often a brand rushes in with an attempt  at humour so sub-par that it’s as cringe-inducing as the boss trying to get an invite to afterwork drinks.

Anyway, in the spirit of cruelty here’s some of the worst examples of brands trying to ‘get down with the kids’ on this subject we could find… 

jon stewart.gif

1. Audioble

They actually tasked their designer with knocking up this image for this garbage joke?!

2. Cocacola

3.4 million followers, and this got 330 likes. It's a shame because it's a nice graphic.

3. The London Ambulance Service Cycle Team. 

Well done to these too life saving paramedics! Their social media manager however... This is the most tenuous thing we have ever seen.