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Spring has sprung with the National Trust South West

Believe it or not, just one day after most of us were snowed in for the second time in as many weeks, today is the first day of Spring!

Vivid Content Marketing Groundhog Day

To celebrate, we've got together with the National Trust, a drone, some ridiculously pretty fields and the work of a legendary poet to create a video to inspire us all for the season ahead. Pause... deep breath... onwards...

We're a top five agency on Instagram!

Vivid Content Marketing iIstagram

Okay, there are a few caveats to the grand claim of the title, but this is a lovely story for Vivid nonetheless.

Marketing blogger and Managing Director of Studio Cotton, Aime Cox Tennant, has a bee in her bonnet. Her gripe? Well, to quote her directly, "marketing agencies are guff at marketing". In particular, Bristol and Bath based agencies are really bad at Instagram. Her latest post, 15 Bristol marketing, design, content and UX agencies that are bad at Instagram - and 5 who blow me away is well worth a read and absolutely nails the cliches of almost every agency Instagram feed – birthday cakes, flowers, awards, a conference speaker, dogs, so, many, dogs, etc.

Aime's lovely review of Vivid's Instagram feed. You can read the full article  here.

Aime's lovely review of Vivid's Instagram feed. You can read the full article here.

The good news for Vivid is that it's not all doom and gloom. Aime has listed TheVividTeam as one of five Bristol and Bath agencies that are absolutely 'smashing Instagram' and outlined the lessons every brand could learn from the five of us. And no, we've never met Aime. She simply found us, liked us, followed us and reviewed us.

Thanks Aime, and yes, we do have a rock solid Instagram strategy that explains our quirky celebrity choices, but figuring it out is half the fun!



Vivid's Instagram feed...

Putting a smile on the National Trust's most famous faces

rembrant smiling gif

The National Trust South West has a rather impressive collection of artwork, in fact their £30million Rembrandt self-portrait might even put Vivid Tower’s collection Mondo movie prints to shame. While all these old portraits are lovely…many of the the subjects in these paintings don’t half look grumpy. 

In the spirit of the summer arriving and blessing the UK with plenty of sunshine, bringing with it much joy. We thought we’d take advantage of last month’s must-have new app ‘FaceApp’ to put a smile on the faces of some of the National Trust’s most famous works of art. 

We also used the app's ‘age’ feature on some of the Vivid Team and now none of us are talking anymore but that’s a story for another day. 

Click the logo below to check out the full set of smiley images. 


Our shiny new Ramblin' Man Fair website is live!

vivid rambling man fair website

Hot on the heels of our IOS and Android app for Ramblin' Man Fair comes an all new website.

For the uninitiated, Ramblin' Man Fair is a brilliant two day music festival every summer (and apparel shop all year round). In July, the world's best classic and prog rock, blues and country artists converge on a Maidstone field and make some noise amongst the grub, grog and glamping. Want to find out more? Of course you do. Check out their Vivid new website here.

Vivid new identity and website for Outright Games

We've just taken the wraps off a sparkly new identity and online home for family games publisher, Outright Games. Outright Games work with and support a range of talented and trusted game developers to create the highest quality, most engaging and downright fun family games on this planet that we call Earth. Check them out here.

Take a peek at the website we created for Lisa Comfort


When it comes to making things look good, the delightful Lisa Comfort certainly knows a thing or two, which is why we hope she’ll be rather pleased with the website we’ve just created for her. 

The blogger and founder of the hugely popular ‘Sew Over It’ brand isn’t just an oracle of knowledge when it comes to sewing and sartorial matters. It turns out she’s a bit of a genius when it comes to craft and DIY things too. 

With so many ideas to share Lisa needed a new dedicated website, separate from Sew Over It. to house them all, and we were more than happy to oblige. The resulting site, built from the ground up in WordPress, includes distinct sub-sections to house all of her brilliant how-tos, travel guides and vlogs. 

On the site you will find a nearly inexhaustible stream of inspiration for wholesome actives you could complete on a rainy Sunday, to make you feel better about having spent the whole morning hungover in bed, we particularly like her guide to sprucing up the stairs with wallpaper.  

Check out Lisa’s site here and let us know what you think. 

Vivid launch new website for Abalon

Got an IT project? Maybe your networks needs upgrading or migrating, or perhaps you suddenly have a problem with your systems. Well, Abalon are the people to call. They can help with everything from projects and deployments, parachute in a team of their high experienced IT engineers and technicians to businesses in need and even help companies with recruitment to find them the very best, permanent or temporary professionals in the IT and retail industries. 

A company that offered such a comprehensive and diverse service, needed a suitably dynamic website to show just what they had to offer, that’s why we were delighted when they approached us to revamp their website. 

We had a lot of fun putting this one together and we’re super happy with the end result! The new website lays out Abalon’s three core areas of business, with tonnes of information and case studies for each area. We also integrated a live chat feature and integrated Twitter and other social media to allow clients and new customers to easily contact Abalon with any queries that might have and get a fast response. 

Why not have a little look for yourself? 

Vivid launches App for Ramblin' Man Fair 2017!

Our latest brilliant client, Ramblin' Man Fair, put on a killer two day music festival every summer. In July, the world's best classic and prog rock, blues and country artists converge on a Maidstone field and make some noise. It's all tied together with an incredible selection of grub, grog and glamping — think craft ales, low’n’slow barbecued meats and ostrich burgers, craft beers, rare whiskey... you know the drill. The result is the perfect family-friendly weekend getaway for everyone out there who used to own a pair of leather trousers or denim vest.

And we should know. We were there a few months ago pitching an IOS and Android app that would help the 'ramblers' really get the most out of the festival – not your typical pitch setting, but better than most. And today we launch the fruits of our labour!

The official Ramblin' Man Fair 2017 app features exclusive news about the event, an in-app store to buy tickets and merch, integrated YouTube playlists, maps of the venue, schedule and lineup information, plus loads more. Making it a one stop shop for everything you need to know about Ramblin’ Man Fair 2017. 

Download it for free today 

Check out the new project pages we made for Opun

We’ve spoken a number of times before about Opun’s great product here on the Vivid blog so we'll keep this brief.  Homeowners looking to carry out a few home improvements around the house simply use Opun's enquiry form (which takes a matter of seconds) to explain what work they want to be done. Then, well, Opun take care of all the rest — from finding the perfect handpicked and vetted Trade Partners to carry out the work, to helping with design aspects, to their industry-leading warranty that covers the work after the project’s completed, they really do it all. 

Of course, even with Opun’s service. It’s only natural for homeowners to feel a bit lost when contemplating some of the bigger jobs they want to carry out in their home, whether it’s a loft conversion, an extension or perhaps a new kitchen. 

That’s why we worked with Opun to construct a series of four project pages for their site. Each page covers a popular home improvement — lofts, kitchens, bathrooms and extensions. With the aim of being there to give Opun's potential customers as much knowledge and inspiration as possible before they start a project, as well as to help them find out more about exactly how the Opun service works.

Every page is filled with useful content relevant to that particular project including FAQ’s, inspiration galleries, step-by-step quick guides and links to relevant posts on the Make Life Easy® blog. 

Check them out for yourself here

Vivid create shiny new website for MHW Associates

MHW Associates was founded back in 2011 to provide the financial innovation to connect opportunities in oil and gas with appropriate capital.

They approached us to create a sleek new website for their company which catered both for investors looking for opportunities in gas and oil, as well as the producers seeking investment. 

We worked closely with the MHW team to create an entirely new site, complete with a rather beautiful video header featuring some stunning drone footage, to the compliment MHW’s company ethos — ‘providing the alternative view’.

Check out the site here.