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5 content marketing podcasts you need to listen to

DON'T GOOGLE IT: In which publication did the term “podcasting” first appear?

There was once a time when podcasts were ignored by the majority of ITunes users. Perceived by most of us as hour long, mouth-breath heavy discussions on esoteric (nerdy) pursuits. Lauded only by Stephen Fry and that one guy in the office you always avoided mentioning the staff Friday pub lunch to.

However, this all began to change in the late 00’s when the medium was pulled into the limelight by the likes of Ricky Gervais and Kermode & Mayo who started to utilise podcasts to support their content to massive success. Today most of us have found solace on a packed commuter train on a miserable Wednesday morning by sinking into Sarah Koenig’s next gripping instalment of Serial or the musings of the QI Elves on There’s No Such Thing as a Fish.

But podcasts can do much more than entertain, there is a wealth of informative and insightful industry specific podcasts out there for all kinds of professionals; from anthropologists to zoologists (probably) with everything in between, and us content marketers are no exception. So here’s our top 5 favourite marketing podcasts that you should be listening to.


1. PNR with This Old Marketing

Hosted by the founder of the Content Marketing Institute and its Chief Content Strategist. Each week Joe and Robert look back in time at a historical piece of great content marketing to demonstrate that it’s not by any means a new concept. They also take a look at the latest news in the industry and have a ‘rants and raves’ segment.


2. The Marketing Companion

While we’re not quite sure we can vouch for their self-proclamation as “the world’s most entertaining marketing podcast” hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster take a humorous look into the world of marketing in their regular podcast. Each 30 minute instalment focuses on a specific niche or aspect of the industry and features regular guest appearances.


3. Content Inc.

The second appearance of Joe Pulizzi on our list. Content Inc. differs considerably from This Old Marketing. In each concise (always less than 15 minutes) episode Pulizzi directs inspiration and advice towards small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups on how to use content marketing to develop a loyal audience base.


4. The Craft of Marketing with Seth Price

Seth is a content marketer who has consulted for over 300 companies in the world of digital marketing. In each episode of Kickstarter funded podcast Seth interviews an entrepreneur or marketing guru in-depth and picks their brain about a relevant concept of the industry.


5. Content Marketing Academy

Host Chris Marr’s relaxed but well researched interviews have that winning combination of being both informative yet highly listenable — throw in Chris’ own incites and opinions about content marketing and you’ve got a podcast that’s perfect when you want something to zone in and out of while working. 

Watch this brilliant new documentary – The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing

The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing, is a brilliant new documentary by the Content Marketing Institute and the first comprehensive film of its kind for this industry. It explores the evolution of content marketing through the eyes of the world’s biggest brands including Red Bull, Kraft and Marriott; and marketing influencers Joe Pulizzi, Ann Handley, Scott Stratten, Jay Baer and more.

Featuring case studies from early pioneers to today’s marketing innovators, The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing shows how content marketing has changed — and will continue to change — business and media forever. Great work and an essential watch...

Just how did Kevin Spacey become Content Marketing's Hollywood poster boy?

Vivid Content Marketing Kevin Spacey keynote
Anyone with a camera and an idea can create an audience... get your minds to work... there is but one rule: hunt or be hunted
— Kevin Spacey, Content Marketing World 2014

Late last year the unlikely figure of Kevin Spacey delivered the closing keynote at Content Marketing World 2014 in Cleveland to 2,600 enthralled marketers. And he smashed it! 

Securing Spacey was quite a coup for Joe Polizzi and the Content Marketing Institute team, and a stroke of genius following 2013's barn-storming Spacey turn at the Edinburgh television festival.

So why Spacey?

What do Hollywood actors know about Content Marketing (you didn't ask, but we thought we’d save you the trouble)? Well, it's all anchored around innovation, creativity and the importance of conflict and authenticity – all of which Spacey is no stranger to as the Oscar-winning actor who defied critics by successfully becoming Artistic Director at The Globe and played a major part in the TV chord-cutting, binge-watching revolution with Netflix's House Of Cards.


The link between Kevin's world and Content Marketing is that we all have audiences, and audiences demand compelling stories. And any compelling story contains three key ingredients:

1. Create Conflict
"A great story creates tension... without it there's no driving force, no passion, no involvement... our stories become richer and far more interesting when they go up against the settled order of things". Conflict creates engagement. Take Nike as an example, as Spacey did, their business is built around our desire to be better, stronger and faster and the tension in the effort to achieve this. They build great stories that dissipate this tension.

2. Be Authentic
"Stay true to your brand and true to your voice, and audiences will respond to that authenticity with enthusiasm and passion". Discover what's unique about a brand and exploit it authentically – Spacey referenced the 'Think Small' Volkswagen ads of the 60s as a great example of authentic storytelling focussed on what's unique (in the face of a trend for larger and larger American cars). Be honest basically, but present your honesty creatively.

3. Give People What They Want, When They Want it
We all know this, right? There's no shortage of choice for any given audience, so you'd better make content compelling, entertaining and useful, and make it available everywhere or it will be ignored. "Anyone with a camera and an idea can create an audience... get your minds to work... there is but one rule: hunt or be hunted".

Outside of those three, and one piece of Spacey advice that really resonated with the Vivid team (in a reference to the third golden age of television that we're experiencing right now) was "give the creatives more power." He knows his stuff! Meanwhile we've got a revolt happening in the office. Watch Kevin’s highlights followed by his brief Q&A below.


Keynote highlights and Q&A

The best bits from Content Marketing World 2014

Full (shakeycam) Keynote

Content Marketing World keynote in full

2013 TV Festival Keynote

2013 Edinburgh TV Festival keynote in full