We're a tiny bit in love with NASA's new space tourism posters

There’s something both comforting and invigorating about a big slow bureaucratic agency such as NASA having a small pocket of creative dreamers conjuring up an imagination-capturing set of space-themed travel posters for geeks like us to drool over.

Commissioned by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a beautiful in-house calendar, Seattle design firm Invisible Creature have just released these beautiful new additions that are also available to buy from their website. The two below will be on the Vivid studio walls before the end of the week. Stunning work.

50 minimalist movie posters show the power of colour. And stripes. We love them!


Colours communicate so much (hey, why do you think we called ourselves Vivid?). Red can make us more attractive, blue more alert, while pink can sap a man’s strength! But can, let's say, three simple colour stripes represent an entire movie?

Damn straight they can thanks to brilliant Argentine designer Tano Veron. Tano has cleverly distilled some of the world's most iconic movies down their most minimal colour essence. And the results are stunning.

Clever, thought provoking, beautiful – sweet fancy Moses we SO want to decorate the Vivid studio with them!! Our favourite? Jaws, thanks for asking. Check them all out below. 
And see more of Tano's work here.