Take a peek at the website we created for Lisa Comfort


When it comes to making things look good, the delightful Lisa Comfort certainly knows a thing or two, which is why we hope she’ll be rather pleased with the website we’ve just created for her. 

The blogger and founder of the hugely popular ‘Sew Over It’ brand isn’t just an oracle of knowledge when it comes to sewing and sartorial matters. It turns out she’s a bit of a genius when it comes to craft and DIY things too. 

With so many ideas to share Lisa needed a new dedicated website, separate from Sew Over It. to house them all, and we were more than happy to oblige. The resulting site, built from the ground up in WordPress, includes distinct sub-sections to house all of her brilliant how-tos, travel guides and vlogs. 

On the site you will find a nearly inexhaustible stream of inspiration for wholesome actives you could complete on a rainy Sunday, to make you feel better about having spent the whole morning hungover in bed, we particularly like her guide to sprucing up the stairs with wallpaper.  

Check out Lisa’s site here and let us know what you think. 

5 content marketing predictions for 2017

Hey hey, it’s that time of the year again where brands and organisations start to make predictions about what the running themes will be within their industry in the new year, just so that they can do slightly smug “we told you so” link backs in future articles. 

Well… we’re no exception! We did try taking our ideas to the bookies, but believe it or not Ladbrokes just aren’t interested in giving you odds on the ever-increasing percentage of mobile usage. 


1) More video, way more video, so much video

It may be costly, but video content offers the highest return of investment of any format. Offering a click through rate of 1.84%, the best of any digital medium. In fact, video on social attracts 1200% more shares than text and images combined. With more and more brands realising this the amount of video you see is only going to increase. 


2) Skynet will rise 

Well maybe not quite in true James Cameron style. But the technology is now here for artificial intelligence to automate the management, publishing and in some instances even the creation of content (think about those Facebook friend anniversary videos).

With a plethora of tools already out there to help content marketers both track and analyse the performance of their content. Training in it’s best use should be firmly on the agenda of all marketing departments. 


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 11.51.57.png

3) Virtual reality is going to start being a thing (finally!) 

Well, we have for several years now been told all about how important VR is going to be. To the extent that you're now completely sick of hearing it, but with the reducing costs of headsets, 2017 could be the year that big brands begin truly utilising it. 

The North Face have already used VR headsets in stores in South Korea, to illustrate to customers how good they’d look in their new jacket piloting a dog sled. Judging by the typical UK-based North Face aficionado do you think they’ll create a VR simulation entitled  ‘Sitting in a Coffeeshop in Hackney Doing Your Graphic Design Coursework' for the British market?

While we may see VR tech being used more commonly among big brands, it’s likely still going to be outside of the affordability of smaller brands for several years yet. 


4) Brands will try to focus on consistency 

The amount brands spend on content marketing has already eclipsed what they spend on advertising. However, most fall down when it comes to developing a consistent loyal audience that frequently engage with them.

Marketing managers are now realising that they need to step away from the clickbait tactics commonly used today, and instead look into better ways to increase their subscribers, which as Youtubers already know is a more effective method to secure regular engagement. 

Lets hope this means more creative ways to boost subscription numbers than than those “Hey if you like this why not…” forms that pop-up within two seconds of you opening a page, because, frankly at that point most visitors would rather give a brand the soul of their first born than their email address. 


5) We’re all going to realise that UGC is awesome 

User generated content, is all about getting your audience to do your job for you. And the best thing about it? According to Adweek 85% of users are more influenced by it than brand created content. 

UGC comes in many guises — comments, shares and retweets all count. But, it gets really interesting when we start talking about getting your audience to create and share their own copy, photos, and even videos. 

The kings of this at the moment? Urban Outfitters. Using a simple branded hashtag on Instagram they’ve encouraged thousands of users to create content for them, essentially turning their customers into brand ambassadors.

The great thing about this approach is it’s a two way street, Urban Outfitters get their products advertised on social for free, reciprocally the content creator is likely to see their personal social audience grow, especially if UO features their content, which in turn is likely to again aid UO. 


Header image curtesy of Thomas Chung. CC 

OK Go's new video is amazing!

A little while ago we made a post about the staggering creative effort that goes in to making a burger look juicy for its billboard close ups. Well, OK Go’s new music video for their song ‘The One Moment’ really blows all of the robotic gadgetry used by burger marketeers out of the water! 

The music video, filmed in super slow-mo, stretches just 4.2 seconds worth of actual footage and extends it to last for over three and a half minutes. With over 320 discreet ‘events’ taking place in that time frame, from exploding guitars and paint pots to bandmates coming to life and lip-syncing perfectly to the song through flip books, it’s no wonder that it took the band seven weeks to make and required some incredibly high-tech robotic cameramen. 

Exactly how band frontman and video director Damian Kulash choreographed every explosion and movement to fit in with the rhythm of the song we’ve got no idea. Anyway, we’ve gone all gooey and babbled on about this video for far too long when all you want to do is watch it. Well, check out the embed below! 

The Autumn issue of Opun’s Make Life Easy® magazine is out now

Hello guys, just a quick note to let you all know that we’ve just released the latest instalment of Make Life Easy® magazine for the great people at Opun. 

This Autumn issue is packed full with content on all sorts of home improvements. It includes a rundown of all the latest home decor trends, a feature that reveals the four secrets you need to know in order to design the kitchen of your dreams, and we have got Opun’s super-talented interior design Trade Partner, Nicola Taylor, to give her top five tips to get your home ready for Christmas. 

Check out the e-version below! 

Vivid release new brochure for Ascot Racecourse

Hello everyone! We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ve just released our first publication for Ascot Racecourse (yes, that Ascot Racecourse!) The Jumps Season Owner & Trainer Information brochure for 2016/2017. 

The people at Ascot approached us with their needs — a straightforward publication that could be given to both the owners and trainers of runners at their autumn and winter events. It needed to serve as both a newsletter for the venue and a one-stop-shop for information on things such as parking (for cars and helicopters!) veterinary surgeon contact details, all the while still being readable and of a suitably high-standard for such a prestigious venue. 

The 24 page brochure is printed on robust high quality card, perfect for surviving outdoors in the potentially inclement weather of the season, and is filled to the brim with practical information — from track maps and race listings to details about the course’s facilities and dress codes. We also loaded the brochure with gorgeous images of previous seasons at Ascot. 

Staggering creative effort to capture the perfect burger

Here at Vivid we like three things – ridiculous attention to detail to achieve the best creative results, bonkers robot-controlled Chitty Chitty Bang Bang type contraptions, and burgers. So imagine our delight when Steve Giralt unveiled a behind the scenes look at his ridiculously wonderful Deconstructed Burger ad. Amazing.

Behind The Scenes of Director and Visual Engineer Steve Giralt's Deconstructed Burger Motion Concept.

Check out the new brochure we made for Opun

Loft conversions, are one of the most popular home improvement’s to carry out in the UK, and the finished result can have tremendous advantages — in many cases dramatically increasing property value and useable floor space in a home.

However, the whole process if done alone can be a bit of a hassle; homeowners needing to get technical drawings, planning permission, and employing a whole host of different tradespeople. That’s why the clever people at Opun decided to revolutionise the whole industry, by taking all of the stress out of loft conversions, and taking care of everything for their customers. Even sorting out their technical drawings in just 72 hours!

Although Opun offer a whole host of different home improvement services, they understandably wanted to illustrate just how easy they could make transforming an old attic. So, we created this nifty little brochure for them all about the subject, have a read of the e-version below. 

Jony Ive and J.J. Abrams on creativity

Vivid Content Marketing J.J. Abrams Jony Ive

Two of the world's most gifted creatives – Apple’s chief design officer Jony Ive and the director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (as well as the mastermind behind 'Mystery Box' marketing and storytelling) J.J. Abrams – talk wonderfully about the creative process, how it never gets easier and the power of saying no.

This conversation was moderated by the Academy Award–winning producer Brian Grazer and is a 'must watch' for all creatives.

Simply amazing video editing – this is the best movie mashup you will ever see

vivid content marketing best movie mashup

We’ve all seen movie mashups before, but Hell’s Club Part Two is in a different class. There is some seriously fantastic editing and colour/effects grading going on here!

We won’t spoil it for you apart from to say “There is a place where all fictional characters meet. Outside of time. Outside of all logic. This place is known as… Hell’s Club.” Enjoy the ride…