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Who We Are


Who We Are

We’ve harnessed over a century of experience with some of the biggest names in publishing to launch a creative content agency that really knows its chops.

We’ve led editorial, design and publishing on titles as diverse as Cycling Plus, BBC Wildlife and Lonely Planet. We’ve been responsible for countless magazine and website launches and reboots, connecting with millions of readers worldwide. We’re steeped in print, forged in online innovation and we still get unreasonably excited about weaving words and pictures together.

And over those year’s of experience, we’ve sprinkled a generous dusting of digital magic, thanks to our crack team of technical wizards. We are able to conjure websites, video and animation out of the ether of a well-defined content strategy.

You bring the creative challenge. We bring the experience and the technical expertise. Together we’ll define the strategy and content that’s tailored to your needs.


Be brave. Be noticed. Be Vivid.


Jayne Caple


“If this was the A-Team, then I’d be Hannibal (without the cigar), because I love it when a plan comes together. With over 25 years of managerial experience, my job is to ensure our team deliver content that hits the mark every single time.”

Career high: Starting Vivid after 25 years of corporate life, that feeling of liberation and having freedom to do the right thing can’t be beaten.

Not a lot of people know: Due to a wedding related error, I once had drank champagne every day for three months.

Email Jayne: jayne@vividca.com
Call Jayne: +44 (0)7767 873 074


Matt Hunkin


“I’ve been the visual grande fromage on publications in the world of cycling, music, technology and women’s lifestyle. I’m the man with a vision who knows how to ask the right questions to get the right answers.”

Career high: Winning an award for sports photography, next step a commentating post on Test Match special

Not a lot of people know: Hailing from Cornwall, my favourite pasty size is medium, mathematically proven to have the perfect pastry to filling ratio.

Email Matt: matt@vividca.com


Holly Osborne


Enjoys listening to royalty free music on her walkman, and climbing trees to shout at squirrels.

Email Holly: holly@vividca.com


Jed Nommick-Smith


Jed is an entity made of pure energy. He flashes around the office as a beam of light, refracting through cups of tea and stealing everyones biscuits.

Email Jed: jed@vividca.com


Mike Favell


Happiest when flying kites tied to the end of his 12ft. nipples.

Email Mike: mike@vividca.com


Matt Swaine


“I’m the words and strategy person bringing years of experience in travel, music, science and outdoor publishing. I’ve edited Trail and BBC Wildlife, launched Outdoor Fitness and Trail Running and led digital innovation at Lonely Planet in Melbourne.”

Career high: interviewing Ravi Shankar who politely refused to sign my sitar

Not a lot of people know: I met Eric Cantona while working as Leeds United mascot




Mick Hucknall’s biggest fan, Cassie often whittles effigies of the Simple Red frontman out of erasers and wine corks.




After losing his stomach to Boris Yeltsin in a high stakes poker game, Cam has to digest all his food before ingesting it. Much in the same way Jeff Goldblum does in The Fly.




Before a gypsy curse transformed him into French bulldog, Travis would organise bare-knuckle boxing fights in supermarket car parks.